Practise room for drummers

I rent a practice room for drummers including a good drum set and a PA system. The room can be booked on fixed weekly dates, individually by the hour or flexibly via an online calendar.

The practice room is basically available to all drum students and all interested parties.

It is located in a commercial center in Gustav-Kunst-Straße 14, in Hamburg Rothenburgsort, in the same building where my classroom is located. The building is not a bunker! The room is dry and, due to its location in the basement, pleasantly cool, especially in summer. Clean toilets are also available directly in the basement. The use is possible around the clock.


The rehearsal room is equipped with a MAPEX Meridian Maple drum set and UFIP cymbals. There is a double pedal, two crash cymbals and a China cymbal. The set is equipped with REMO Emperor coated heads and is regularly tuned. There is also an active monitor to which you can connect a telephone, computer, mp3 player etc. to play loud music.


The HVV stop Gustav-Kunst-Str. is located in the direct vicinity of the practice room. The line 160 stops here, which runs from Berliner Tor via Horner Rennbahn to Wandsbek Markt. From the S-Bahn Rothenburgsort the room can be reached in about 15 minutes on foot. There are sufficient parking spaces available directly at the practice room.

Offer 1

from 33,-€ / month

fixed practice times –
the practice times are fixed and blocked for you in the calendar

1 hour per week: 33,- € / month
2 hours per week: 47,- € / month
3 hours per week: 60,- € / month
4 hours per week: 75,- € / month

Offer 2

from 37,-€ / month

flexible booking via an online calendar –

You can book the room via an online calendar if it is available.
Bookings can be made at least three days before the desired date.

Use up to a maximum of 2 hours per week: 37,- € / month
Use up to a maximum of 3 hours per week: 49,- € / month
Use up to a maximum of 4 hours per week: 60,- € / month
Use up to a maximum of 6 hours per week: 80,- € / month
Use up to a maximum of 8 hours per week: 100,- € / month

Offer 3

from 70,-€ / month

Fixed dates per week + flexible booking via the online calendar:

In addition to your fixed practice times you can book the room via an online calendar. The bookings can be entered at the earliest three days before the desired date.

2 hours fixed + 2 hours flexible booking per week: 70,- € / month
4 hours fixed + 4 hours flexible booked per week: 100,- € / month
6 hours fixed + 6 hours flexible booked per week: 130,- € / month

There is also the possibility to rent the room by the hour without a contract and monthly fee. In this case one hour costs 10,-€.


A deposit of 100 € will be retained when the keys are handed over. The cancellation period is 4 weeks to the end of the month.




Lars Watermann // Mobil 0163 250 49 32

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