20 years with Mapex drums !!

After I had bought my first Mapex set in the 90s and after I had always dreamed of being an endorser at some point, I got my first Mapex set for a tour in 2003.
Since that tour I can call myself an endorser for mapex drums and since then I have had some kits under my sticks. I have always been extremely happy with the material and above all with the sound I was able to achieve with the drums!
A thousand thanks for the many years of trustful cooperation with Mapex Germany and especially with Frank Rohe!!!
The photos are from every “era” of these 20 years, which you can easily recognize by the evolution of the Mapex logo (and maybe a little bit of me too) ūüėČ



Lars Watermann // Mobil 0163 250 49 32

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