junges glueck

last show at Astra Stube with junges glueck

The Astra Stube in Hamburg is finally closing down. The 30.12. will be the last evening. My band junges glueck, which has not been active for a long time, has the great honor of

Pink Baxter

Pink Baxter


Liebe Leudde

20 years with Mapex drums !!

After I had bought my first Mapex set in the 90s and after I had always dreamed of being an endorser at some point, I got my first Mapex set for a tour in 2003.

Mila Mar live @ Castle Fest 2023

new Schrottgrenze online shop

We have a new store! Here you can see and order all our vinyls, CDs, shirts, sweaters, caps, beanies etc. And now you can also buy tickets for our concerts directly here. Take a look!

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